Yes, the superheroes have unionized! No more eating ramen noodles because saving the world doesn’t pay. Superheroes now demand decent wages, paid by whatever level of government is appropriate to the level of crime fighting. Of course, that means all sorts of regulations and government oversight, but so what? And of course, non-union superheroes are completely unheard of, right? Why that’s just one step away from supervillainy not to support your fellow heroes!

Character Creation Rules:

  • Style will be very tongue-in-cheek, so humorous concepts are welcome.
  • Base: 150
  • Max Disadvantages: 100
  • No more than 50 points in any one category of Disadvantage.
  • Superhero-level campaign guidelines apply. (No Characteristic Max, buy all equipment w/ points, etc…)
  • One disadvantage must be Hunted: Nemesis (As Powerful, 14-) for 20 points. (Optionally, add ‘Extensive Non-Combat Influence’ for a further 5 points.)
  • The GM will build the nemesis, though player may make ‘requests’.
  • No set restrictions on powers or frameworks, though the GM reserves veto power, of course.
  • All characters are members of the Union (dues = $50/year) (each level of Fringe Benefit: Union Rank costs 1 pt)
    1. Provisional Member (Access to Union hall including barracks-style ‘crash space’ if needed and gym, open license for street-level crime fighting)
    2. Full Member (may reserve a bed in a 2-person room in union hall if available, open license for city/state-level crime fighting, must have spent 1 year as Provisional Member and have a Senior or higher sponsor)
    3. Senior Member (may reserve a room to themselves in union hall if available, full open crime fighting license, must have been a member for a total of 3 years, and have a Team Leader or higher sponsor)
    4. Team Leader (not available to starting PCs, leads a team of lesser members, promoted by council when new team is formed, or may be chosen by vote by other members of an already established team)
    5. Council Member (not available to PCs, makes union decisions, elected by membership every 4 years [1 per year], one council member per region [Northeast, Southeast, Mid-West, West Coast])
    6. President (not available to PCs, Union Leader, heads the council, elected by membership every 5 years)

The Union of Superheroes